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About us

Founded in 1982,Media Chameleon Limited began by producing publications in a variety of formats including Chamber of Commerce Business Directories, Council Manuals, Directories, Newsletters, Company Manuals and In-house magazines for Government departments and Sports Programmes.  In short, a wide range of publications that quickly established our presence in the publishing industry. 

With the ongoing success of these publications, we decided to utilize our expertise and branch out into the public market, producing business to business and consumer focused directories.  We first launched the Classic, Veteran and Vintage Car Directory, swiftly followed by directories for the Motorcycle and Motorsport; Camping Caravan and Motorhome, Boats and Watersports, Motorcar, Weddings, Antiques and Pets industries.  We also have a range of county based business to business directories, and consumer magazines focusing on the Home and Garden and Baby and Toddler markets.

With the onset of global web and internet technology, we then supported each hard copy directory with its own website, giving all our advertisers the benefit of 24 hour exposure across the major search engines, which can be self edited by our customers providing flexible advertising at a very cost effective rate. 
Recently, we have agreed that WH Smiths will be retailing our directories, selling them over a period of 16 weeks each, and we will be retailing at a large number of independent newsagents specifically chosen for each publication.  Sales are flourishing, offering excellent access to a targeted readership.  This distribution is further supported by our all year round attendance at major shows and exhibitions throughout the UK, where we distribute thousands more of our directories ensuring your advertising reaches the hands of businesses and consumers directly interested in you! In addition, each directory is distributed amongst our huge database of customers, the majority of whom pass copies of the directories on to their customers, thus ensuring real saturation of cover amongst the best possible audience.

Modern media has taken a distinctly technological turn, and at Media Chameleon we have never underestimated the power of the internet, nor its potential power in reaching new custom.  Print will always remain a valuable option, offering engagement and interest to the reader, and because of this we offer a full advertising solution to help you make the best of both media.  Nearly 30 years of successful publishing expertise now gives you the perfect dual method to make your business the success it deserves to be.

Following very successful expansion in recent years, Media Chameleon's stable of publications will continue to grow, meaning there will be the solution to every conceivable advertising need - our current annual publications include:

  • Boats and Watersports Directory
  • Motorcycle Directory
  • Classic, Veteran & Vintage Car Directory
  • Camping, Caravan and Motorhome Directory
  • Wedding Finder Directory
  • Pets and Animals Directory
  • Antiques, Collectables and Memorabilia Directory
  • The Hertfordshire Focus
  • The Bedfordshire Focus
  • The Buckinghamshire Focus
  • The Kent Focus
  • The Essex Focus
  • The Sussex Focus

Our professional approach to advertising and competitive rates have made Media Chameleon a leading force in the directory market, and the perfect bound, glossy quality of our publications encourages long shelf life and a trusted, well read format.  To see any of our publications for yourself, please go to: and click on the 'Digital Publications' link, or call us today on 01582 488385.
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